5 Ways to Build Business Integrity

Every successful business builds a foundation of integrity. A high code of ethics should always be employed when dealing with the public to make sure each customer is treated fairly and receives the best service possible. When customers go away happy, they will return and also bring their friends!

1. Build Trust Within Your Business Community

Building trust with your customers within your local community and on the Internet is something that will take time but is well worth the effort. Providing reliable answers and trustworthy solutions to a customer’s problems will help to expand your business probably more than any other factor. Satisfied customers will spread the word of your business much more effectively than purchased advertisements.

2. Advertise Your Knowledge 

If you are an expert in your field of business, find creative ways to let the public know. Establishing your intellectual authority will only increase your public appeal as a person that knows the answers. As long as you don’t use your knowledge to take advantage of people, you can build respect for yourself which brings more success for your business. 

Some business owners start a blog or website to demonstrate how much they know in their field. By broadcasting their expertise through blogging, the business owner draws a lot of public attention and create their publicity.

3. Work Hard to Fulfill Promises

If you promise something to a customer, such as a money back guarantee or an extended warranty, always fulfill your end of the bargain. By doing so, you let the customer know that you value their personal satisfaction and they are not just another source of profit. 

If you are not able to honor a promise, let the customer know by offering an honest explanation. For example, suppose a customer orders a blue teacup with a money back guarantee, and it breaks during shipping. You can’t replace the teacup because the item is no longer available from the manufacturer. The integrity-building solution to the problem would be to explain the situation fully to the customer and either offer their money back or another suitable replacement. Don’t just fail to respond to the situation and provide no resolution to the problem. That will anger the customer, and they will refuse to do business with you again.

4. Dishonesty Doesn’t Pay

The more times a business owner fails to respond to situations with honesty and integrity, the more customers they will lose. People don’t want to do business with a company that cheats or lies to them. Enough negative reviews online or word of mouth throughout the local community can kill a business. Show respect to your customers by treating them fairly and honestly, and your business will begin to grow. 

5. Treat Your Customers Courteously 

People respond to a smiling face and a company that makes them feel welcome. Be sure to greet your customers and thank them for their business, even if you do it in an email. The fact that there is no personal interaction may not entice people to buy from you in the future. The customers you failed to greet cheerfully may be lured away by a competitor that offers a more welcoming atmosphere.

 “Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you make it!” – John Dessauer

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