Lessons and Warnings From Successful Risk Takers

“Don’t let someone knock you off your course after you’ve put in all the work.” – Soman Chainani This is a special episode of the podcast, which features three guests: author Soman Chainani (@SomanChainani), author Susan Cain (@susancain), and East Rock Capital co-founder and investor Graham Duncan. All three are featured in my latest book, Tribe

Maine Lawmakers — and Voters — Still Hope to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Maine lawmakers returning this month to Augusta, the capital, were already talking about the possibility of working with Gov. Paul LePage to finally act on voters’ wishes to make recreational marijuana legal in Maine. However, it’s unclear how U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions’ plans for rescinding the Cole Memo will affect those talks. The Obama-era Justice

These 5 Cities Pulled Out All the Stops to Get Amazon's HQ2. They Didn't Make the Cut, But We Salute the Attempt.

There was a flurry of excitement when Amazon announced in September that it was planning to open a new headquarters. Dubbed HQ2, the company said that it planned to invest more than $5 billion towards the construction and growth of the new campus, which would house an anticipated 50,000 new employees. When you account for

Thinking About Using a Third-Party Social Media Tool for Your Content? Read This First.

This story originally appeared on Buffer Putting your trust as a marketer or brand in third-party social media tools to manage all of your posts can be a bit scary.  You might be wondering: Are my posts getting optimal reach and engagement? Do social media platforms penalize third-party tools? Are third-party tools really worth the

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new technological frontier over which companies and countries are vying for control. According to a recent report from McKinsey, Alphabet invested roughly $30 billion in developing AI technologies. Baidu, which is the Chinese equivalent of Alphabet, invested $20 billion in AI last year. Companies aren’t the only ones investing time,