Three Ways That Creativity Trumps Competition in Business

Originally posted on April 22, 2012 by John Dessauer

I was speaking recently in South Florida when I realized that maybe the very topic I was talking about was on greater proportions than just the audience I was speaking to. I was speaking about the idea of competition versus creativity. This topic is not new to me.  I covered it in my second book, The Alchemy of Wealth.

The whole idea of competition is that of comparison. Unfortunately, comparison doesn’t go far in solving problems or getting past upcoming challenges. We often utilize competition as a way for us to motivate individuals in an academic arena, athletics, and business. I think we inherently lose the ability to grow when we expect to provide results by competition.

Instead, I believe our world today, needs  a large dose of creativity instead of competition. Being creative instills in us a need for true strategic thought. Results by creativity are a great way for academics, athletics and business to invent new pathways in order to achieve goals. Competition only breeds comparison. Creativity sparks innovative ideas that aid in things like research, the winning of championships, and even producing a new world economy. In business, here are three ways that creativity will help you:

1. Creativity Re-Invents You. I can’t think of one individual who hasn’t been challenged by the downturn in the economy. I certainly have experienced my share of challenges and have had to be creative in my approach to things like debt, real estate, business development, sales, etc. Heather, my wife, and I have implemented a creative approach to those challenges and it has made a significant difference in handling challenges. Creativity can mean the difference between survival and thrival! Ask yourself, how could you get creative to propel yourself, or your business, past current challenges? If you don’t have that answer your mission is to find someone that does.

2. Creativity Provides More Energy to the Business Owner. Creativity is something that is unique in our universe. Although un-measured, I believe it actually creates energy, or better put, it actually gets new energy from reserves (since energy can be created or destroyed for all you science buffs). Competition is energy draining and something that most businesses see through increased expenses and reduced profits. There is no better example of creativity in business and how it benefits them financially than with companies like Google and Apple.

3. Creativity is fun. I struggled with this one somewhat. I have been competing all of my life and have had some really great moments. Through collegiate athletics, business, and life I have had some great times competing. However, it’s not until I truly think about the most fun and rewarding times in my life that I realize they happened through creating!  These include my children (no pun intended), writing books, starting businesses, and having the absolute best time of my life creating the relationship with my best friend and wife, Heather (I didn’t just do that for the brownie points:) )

The next time your stuck in business or do not know what to do to solve a problem, go into think tank mode. Create your way out, and into a new stage of prosperity. You might just find yourself among the great creators of our time.  Now that would be an accomplishment!

“Remember, wealth has nothing to do with money, success has everything to do with failure, and life is as simple as you want to make it!”

– John Dessauer

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